January 7, 2016

Google Analytics and Reporting

Without the correct data it’s impossible to make informed business decisions. Without the data everything is opinion and guesswork. If you have a website and you’re not using a Website Analytics package – we recommend Google Analytics, it’s one of the most powerful, and it’s free! – then you’re missing out on information about one of the most important parts of your business, your customers. At Sky Blue Toffee everything we create is based on data. It’s this scientific approach that we believe is the key to improved performance and growth.

google analyticsGoogle Analytics

The Sky Blue Toffee team are fully qualified Google Analytics Individuals. We have worked with clients who already have Google Analytics in place and we have helped clients with no experience to get started. Analytics can help you understand how users navigate your site, how people reach your site and where they come from, even which pages generate the greatest interest, which can be engagement, lead generation or sales. We measure everything that’s important to you and your business and show you how to use this information to encourage greater online performance.

google analytics reportReporting & Recommendations

Of course all the data in world is no use to anyone unless you know how to interpret it and act on it. Google Analytics is such a powerful tool it can look like too much information as first glance, that’s where our team come into their own. We’ll help you find the data that is appropriate to your business goals and make sure that it is accessible to you whenever you need it, we’ll put you in control. We’ll also ensure that you get regular reports on your site’s performance including expert analysis and recommendations on how to improve your statistics.

Why Google Analytics is so important…


  • Understand how people reach your website; organic search, PPC, social media, referrals, and start to see which traffic source delivers the best results.
  • Measure your visitors behaviour while they are on your site; how long they stay, what pages they visit, do they visit your site often or do they never come back?
  • Create custom dashboards that you can use to access the most important data at any time, day or night. Create dashboards for different goals or types of data to further improve the focus of your reporting.
  • Watch real-time data and see what’s happening on your website right now!
  • Discover where you’re getting the best response from, and use that information to create new Marketing Campaigns focussed on that source of traffic or type of audience.
  • Unlock the advanced features in Google Analytics, including Remarketing Lists and create Paid Search campaigns that target only the audience you know are interested in your products or services.
  • Schedule reports to arrive in your inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Contact our team today to find out how Google Analytics can help you make better business decisions, we’re confident we can answer your questions and come up with a plan that meets your requirements. Contact us online or call 01473 845058

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