November 17, 2015

Social Media Management

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Social Media is now an integral part any successful business. It’s no longer just a fun way to send pictures or messages to your friends and colleagues, it’s a hugely powerful tool that’s helping new and established businesses connect with their existing audience and tap into new markets all over the world. As a communication tool it’s as important as the mobile phone you have in your pocket. Which is why effective Social Media Management should be a major part of your working day.

twitterEfficient Social Media Management

The team at Sky Blue Toffee have been helping clients to understand, engage with, and benefit from Social Media for several years. One of the biggest challenges we come up against time and again is the assumption that the resources needed to run and manage Social Media campaigns effectively are just too much; both in terms of financial outlay and man-hours. This just isn’t the case. As with most things Social Media should be about finding the right fit for you. It may have been the case a few years ago that engaging fully with your audience via Social Media took a great deal of research and education in order to master it and deliver it properly, but that’s not the case today.

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There are resources all over the internet aimed at complete beginners right through to experts, resources that can fastback your path to understanding and managing your Social Media output. At Sky Blue Toffee we believe we can offer one of the best Social Media Management Tools on the market. It’s easy to use and so isn’t a drain on your physical resources, you can create and schedule content well in advance and be confident that it’s going to be delivered exactly as planned, and the best part, it costs nothing to start using it.

Benefits of SBT-Social

  • Schedule content for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Use templates to make your content eye-catching and professional looking
  • Post to more than one account, post to Facebook accounts or Business Pages
  • Accumulate data about the impact of your content and use it to plan future strategy
  • Sign up is FREE. Use it for as long as you want with no commitment to upgrade

Social Media Management & Reporting

Using the SBT Social Platform is FREE

We’re so confident that you’ll be impressed with our Social Media Management Tool that we will give it to you for free. Just visit this page and you can create a free account in a matter of seconds. You can schedule your next Tweets, Facebook and Linkedin Posts all from the dashboard, freeing up your time to do other things; the platform takes care of everything. You can even use some of our fantastic templates to create striking graphics that will appear alongside your content. And on top of that you’ll start to get data back showing the impact of your social media activity, all displayed in a user friendly interface. It’s this performance data that will help you devise your next move as it includes information about where your audience are physically located, what content they are interested in, what ‘#hashtags’ are working for you and when is the best time to schedule future content.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your FREE account today!

For more information on Social Media or Digital Marketing contact the Sky Blue Toffee team here or call 01473 845058

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