November 17, 2015


The team at Sky Blue Toffee have over 8 years experience creating and managing Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing campaigns. We’ve helped generate traffic, leads, enquiries and sales across a range of verticals including Leisure & Entertainment, Automotive, Education, Property and Fashion. Our approach to PPC is simple, we identify where your audience are, we deliver relevant, engaging content to that audience via the appropriate channels, and we measure the impact and results using analytics and comprehensive Goal Tracking.

adwords_logoPPC Is For Everyone

There are many reasons to consider PPC as a viable way to market your products and services and there are several different options across many different platforms. We can help and advise you on what approach and method are most suitable to your requirements. So whether you’re interested in generating more interest in your brand, promoting your service and generating enquiries, or selling your products via your eCommerce website, we’ll help you create the strategy that will get you the best results..

adwords_qualified_individualQualified Google Adwords Individuals

The Sky Blue Team have all the experience needed to create and manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns across any vertical you care to mention. Our team have been regular visitors to Google events and presentations in London, Dublin and San Francisco for several years. And if any more proof were needed of our credentials to handle your campaigns we’ve got the exams too. Our team currently hold the following: AdWords Certified, Video Advertising Certified, Search Advertising Certified, Display Advertising Certified, Shopping Advertising Certified and Mobile Advertising Certified. If you’re ever passing the office, pop in, we’ll show you our wall of fame!

ppcGoogle AdWords – Search

• Put your ads in front of people searching for your products or services
• Drive relevant traffic to your website pages
• Control when and where your ads are shown
• Test ad and landing page content and messaging
• Distribute budgets according to profit margins
• Measure everything and achieve ongoing Return On Investment

display-adsGoogle Adwords – Display

• Build your brand and improve your online profile
• Advertise on relevant website across the Google Display Network (GDN)
• Expand your reach by targeting Topics & Interests
• Choose the website you want your branded ads to appear on
• Promote offers and promotions when it matters most
• Create and use Remarketing lists to increase customer loyalty and upsales

youtube-adsGoogle AdWords For Video

• Advertise your business on the second biggest search engine in the world
• Create content that people will want to share
• Tap into a new audience and build a following for your channel
• Put video content in front of the right people
• Drive more qualified leads to your website
• Tell your story and increase channel subscribers

twitter-adsTwitter – Promoted Tweets

• Increase your followers and website traffic
• Encourage people to download your app
• Build brand awareness with engaging content, including video
• Create a community around your brand
• Be an authority in your field
• Track performance and see what’s working for you

facebook-adsFacebook – Facebook For Business

• Create a Business Page on Facebook and start promoting it
• Choose the people you show your business to and when they see it
• See data on how your marketing performs so you can make it even better
• Share relevant content with your followers
• Link your Facebook page to content you create and encourage people to share it
• Use Facebook as way for people to contact you

Contact our team today to discuss PPC, Video Ads, Promoted Tweets or any other Digital Marketing questions you may have, we’re confident we can come up with a plan that meets your requirements. Contact us online or call 01473 845058

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