Making Data Fun For Kids

Last week Sky Blue Toffee took part in a Careers Afternoon at a local school. The event was designed as an introduction to the world of work, and participants from a wide variety of businesses took part. For our part we decided to introduce pupils to the world of data, that is after all what we do, but we didn’t want to make it too technical or, if we’re honest, dull. We don’t think data is dull, it’s fascinating, revealing and fun, never dull. We also wanted the pupils to get involved, so we ran an online Q&A aimed at making data fun for kids.


Tech Savvy Kids

Kids are far more tech savvy today than generations before them, it seems obvious saying it out loud, but the internet and all the trappings that it has brought with it are now integral to the way kids grow up. They are learning coding in school, using the internet to help with homework and communicating with their peers using smartphones and apps like WhatsApp. So we thought it would be interesting to see how much they know about where all this stuff came from.

What’s The Story?

Using Google Forms, we created a simple questionnaire, made up of 10 questions about the World Wide Web. We then used a piece of software to collate the data that was collected. It was fun for the pupils and quite revealing.

making data fun for kids

Was Microsoft originally called BackRub? 40% of pupils thought so.

From the answers we got back we were able to see that although pupils were very familiar with the technology, they were not so familiar with the stories behind it. We’re not going to draw too many conclusions from this data, it was just a fun way for pupils to understand what data collection and analysis is, but it perhaps tells us that people today take all this technology very much for granted. We’d certainly recommend the pupils take a look at the Internet Society website or visit YouTube as a follow up.

Think You Know The Internet?

The average score was 27% with the highest score being 70%. The lowest scoring question was about online fans of Pop Stars (we didn’t expect that) and the highest scoring question was to do with the year that the World Wide Web was created. If you think you could do better feel free to have a go here and share the test with your own family and friends.

None of this data will be used in any follow up marketing and we’re not collecting any personal details. It is purely a fun and anonymous exercise, you don’t even have to use your own, in fact you don’t have give us your name at all!

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