November 17, 2015

About Sky Blue Toffee

You don’t have to look far to find great stories about people who have been successful in business. A quick search on Google brings up enough content to keep you busy for the rest of the day…and more. But one thing that all great businesses have in common is a set of values, often the same values, just presented differently, sometimes similar values just approached from a different perspective, and every now and then something unique or outstanding. What story did we want to tell about Sky Blue Toffee?

When we decided to create Sky Blue Toffee we spent a long time talking about who we wanted to be. We saw a blank canvas in front of us and an opportunity to create something that didn’t exist yet. We sat down and asked ourselves some pretty basic questions. Who did we want to be? What did we want to be known for? What is it that we had to offer? We asked ourselves, what sort of future did we want to live in?

all-blacksA Sporting Analogy

One word that kept coming up in conversation was ‘teamwork’. We realised that to be successful, in anything, not just business, you need to be part of a team. This is true for relationships, work, family, music…just look at one of the greatest bands of all time, The Beatles, when they worked as a team they conquered the world, but when that team ethic disappeared, they imploded very fast. Music is full of stories like that. We started researching teamwork, trying to understand it better, getting under the bonnet and seeing how it worked. We read the books and found numerous examples online, we even watched a few movies…Apollo 13 anyone? Sport came up quite often, inspiring stories of teams from all over the world, from every sport you can name, defying the odds and achieving greatness. But there was one team, one story that stood out from all the others. The All Blacks.

A Set Of Values To Live By

The All Blacks story is a long one, but if you’re interested in their recent history, and what still makes them the most feared and respected Rugby team on the planet, you could do worse than read James Kerr’s book ‘Legacy’, which gives an amazing insight into the work that went into achieving World Cup success in 2011. It’s also a fantastic study of leadership, and what that means in today’s results driven world.

At Sky Blue Toffee we’re committed to helping people, businesses, friends, navigate their way through the brave new digital world that we now live in. Because of the individual journeys each member of our team has been part of over the last decade we have a set of skills that we know can be put to good use. But as well as these skills, and perhaps more importantly, we share a set of values, values that we will live and die by. Yes we begged, borrowed and stole them, but we stole them from the best people*, and we’ve turned them into our own.

Sky Blue Toffee Values

  • Character
  • Adapt
  • Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Learn

  • Expectations
  • Preparation
  • Authenticity
  • Sacrifice
  • Legacy

*Good artists copy; great artists steal. Pablo Picasso

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