Sky Blue Toffee Running the Ipswich Half Marathon

It’s just 9 days now until the Larking Gowen Ipswich Half Marathon…and Sky Blue Toffee will be there! After three months of training (I’m not counting the 2 weeks off with a sprained ankle) I’m hoping to complete the course in a respectable time and also raise some money for a local charity that’s doing great work in Ipswich.

Ipswich Half Marathon Course

Don’t let anyone tell you that Suffolk is flat, just look at the 13 mile course based around Christchurch Park, five pretty steep inclines in total. The route doesn’t stray too far from the park but does stretch as far as the Giles Statue in town, that’s just after the 3 mile mark. It’s the 9-10 mile part that looks pretty challenging. The last half marathon I did was 6 years ago and it was just after the 10 mile mark that it got difficult…hopefully the training and the gels I’m going to have taped to my arms on the day will make it a bit better this time 😉


The Elena Baltacha Foundation

As well as looking at the run as a personal challenge / mid-life crisis / existential cry for help I’ll be logo’d up for a local charity, the Elena Baltacha Foundation. The Foundation was set up by local girl and former British Women’s Tennis No. 1 Elena Baltacha. It was her vision to get more kids involved in the game, particularity girls. Sadly she passed away in 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer, but her husband Nino Severino continues to grow the Foundation and the Tennis Academy that it supports. I’ve set up a Just Giving page for people to make a donation should they wish to, or you could just message me with tips or suggestions on how to make it to the finish line, I’ll take any help I can get right now!



Thank you.

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