January 8, 2016

Google For Non- Profits

If you’re a Registered Charity then you could quality for the Google for Non-Profits scheme. Google for Non-Profits offers registered charities free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Apps and more. Being part of the scheme can dramatically reduce your IT costs and improve the way your staff and volunteers work with each other. Having free access to the Google Apps suite can help you reach new donors, find new volunteers and tell your nonprofit’s story.

google-for-nonprofitsGoogle For Non-Profits

When you’re part of the Google for Non-Profits programme you can take advantage of some great offers. You get 30GB of cloud storage for use with Gmail and Google Drive. The data you store is secure and can be accessed from anywhere. If you’re using YouTube you’ll be able to enable a donation module on your channel which viewers can use to donate to your charity. The programme also opens the doors to call-to-action overlays on your videos which can be used to take viewers to your website or make an online donation. But probably one of the most valuable products you’ll get access to as part of Google for Non-Profits is the Google Ad Grant.

google-ad-grantsGoogle Ad Grants

As part of Google for Non-Profits you can qualify for for the Google Ad Grant. This gives charities up to £7,000 to spend on Google AdWords each month. You can use the grant to show text ads on Google search pages for keywords related to your charity; charity donations, volunteer workers, sponsored marathon. This is a great way to raise brand awareness and increase donations with no additional costs. The team at Sky Blue Toffee have been helping UK Charities of all descriptions to get onto the Google Ad Grants programme. We can also offer help and support in setting up campaigns that are going to make the most out of this incredible opportunity.

How Sky Blue Toffee can help you.google for nonprofit

  • We can help you complete and submit your application to Google for Nonprofit and ensure that you become part of the programme with minimal hassle and no delays.
  • We offer a free guide to setting up your first campaign including details on how to track your campaign’s performance.
  • One of the few requirements of the Google Ad Grant is that you should be actively using it. If you can’t commit to this then we offer packages specially designed to ensure you don’t lose access to the £7,000 spend each month.
  • We also offer discounted rates to Registered Charities on all our other services including Social Media Management and Content Creation.

Contact our team today to discuss the Google Non Profits Programme and the Google Ad Grant. We’ll even help you find out if your charity is eligible. Contact us online or call 01473 845058

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