November 17, 2015

Content Marketing

Promoting your website and building your brand online is no longer about trying to play the system or second guess what the latest incarnation of the Google algorithm deems ‘relevant’. The foundations of strong and lasting website performance are built on high quality and informative Content Marketing. For a generation of Digital Marketers this has posed a huge problem; if it’s not about link building, article submission and automation, what is it about? But for a new generation of Digital Marketers it’s simple; it’s about communication, creating great content that people want to consume and share, and, most importantly, it’s about real people.

web contentWebsite Content

You might have noticed that the web is pretty big, so it goes without saying there’s a lot of content out there (don’t think about it too much, that way lies madness). So how is the content on your website going to stand out from the crowd? At Sky Blue Toffee we have a team of experienced writers who can help you create relevant web content that will bring people to your site and keep them there. Working with you, we’ll create content that demonstrates your authority in your particular field. You might just need a few pages, or an update? Or maybe you need to build from the ground up? Our team will do the keyword research, the competitor analysis and the content creation that your business deserves.

content marketingContent Marketing Strategy

You can wait for people to come to you…or you can have a business in 12 months time. It’s not enough to have a great website with great content, it’s important, but you also need a Content Marketing Strategy that’s going to put your brand and your message in front of the right audience, and they are not necessarily always to be found browsing search pages. The Sky Blue Toffee team can help you plan, create and implement a Content marketing Strategy that’s going to increase your reach and connect with your ideal audience, wherever they are. This can include, press releases, blog content, social media activity on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and Paid Search including Display Advertising and email promotions. Behind every Content Marketing Strategy we create is a framework devised to communicate your business’s expertise and integrity, while at the same time focusing on your aims and objectives.

Content is the new black…

printing press

  • We create great content, content that can be used on your website, in press releases or blogs…but it doesn’t stop there. Great content can be a tweet, a post, a comment or reply, it can even be a picture or video.
  • Not every business is in the enviable position of already having thousands of website visitors or followers on social platforms with whom they can share great content. At Sky Blue Toffee we can help find ways to get your content in front of a new audience. Through comprehensive research we’ll find the right fit for your content.
  • We make sure that all content is tagged, tracked and measured so that you are able to see the impact of every single piece of content that is produced. Once you know what works, you can do more of it!
  • Everyone loves a good story, tell yours using great content.

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