Sky Blue Toffee Running the Ipswich Half Marathon

It’s just 9 days now until the Larking Gowen Ipswich Half Marathon…and Sky Blue Toffee will be there! After three months of training (I’m not counting the 2 weeks off with a sprained ankle) I’m hoping to complete the course in a respectable time and also raise some money for a local charity that’s doing great[…]

The Euro 2016 Social Media Machine Just Kicked Off

We’re just days away from the start of Euro 2016 and already Social Media is grabbing the headlines. Euro 2016 Social Media activity is predicted to blitz previous tournament figures as brands invest more online, and the power of the connected consumer continues to impact on the sporting world in a big way. Social Media, together[…]

Mobile Takes Centre Stage at the Google Performance Summit

For as long as I can remember, any new announcement from Google has included a liberal serving of ‘mobile’ spin, so much so that it’s become a bit of a running joke around the office…this is the year mobile takes over…but the thing is, they are right, they have always been right, and at the Google[…]

Prince Tributes and Online Advertising

As part of Google’s Squared Online community I’ve had some fantastic conversations with people all over the world about what constitutes good and bad digital marketing. A conversation I was involved in this week was started by an article on the Guardian’s website about a slimming pill ad that got over 200 complaints. It got[…]

Digital Lives – Teenage Pregnancy

I’ve been going to Google hosted events for almost 10 years, they are always informative and I’m always blown away by the insights they have with regard to how all things digital are impacting on our lives. Whether it’s the fact that people reach for their mobile phones before they even get out of bed[…]

analytics data

Making Data Fun For Kids

Last week Sky Blue Toffee took part in a Careers Afternoon at a local school. The event was designed as an introduction to the world of work, and participants from a wide variety of businesses took part. For our part we decided to introduce pupils to the world of data, that is after all what we[…]

David Bowie & William Burroughs

David Bowie as Disruptive Technology

I woke up this morning to the news that Glen Frey, guitarist and singer with The Eagles had died. It hasn’t been the best start to 2016 for fans of classic rock*. It follows last week’s news about David Bowie, which quite rightly got lots of attention online and offline. Both men played a part[…]


What Are Your Clients Searching For?

The Holy Grail of Paid Search Understanding your product and anticipating what your audience search for is the Holy Grail of PPC account management. If you get these two things right then success will come your way. Sounds simple? Well it is and it isn’t. If you know what people type when they are looking[…]